Tuesday, July 24, 2012

About Me

I have been in IT industry for over 8 Years now and have worked for top High Tech companies like Dell, Microsoft and VMware. My interests are:
Operating Systems
Computer Organization and Architecture
Parallel Programming
Theoretical Computer Science

I have special interest in performance of computing systems. There are various free and open source tools on Linux systems for performance tuning which come handy in profiling, tracing during development phase and also monitoring tools which provide extensive counters and performance stats. I am usually called for tuning such systems.

I am working on Virtualization and Cloud Computing Solutions.
Currently focused on Software Defined Networking solution and OpenStack.

I have Talked at various academic conferences and colleges on Virtualization, Operating Systems and Computer Networks. I live in Bangalore with my family and like to share my experience and insights from my interests. I have created few courses that can be helpful to Computer Science Engineering students. If you would like to pursue the course please see Course I offer and contact vinay(at)prasannapk(dot)com for more details.